I’m a mother of 3. Please, how can I get my loose vagina tight again?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    The vagina is like an accordion, filled with tightly folded muscle tissue (the pelvic floor muscles). During sexual arousal, this tissue relaxes a bit to allow comfortable insertion of an erection (or other things). During childbirth, vaginal tissue relaxes a lot and stretches to allow the baby to be born. After childbirth, vaginal muscle reverts to its tightly folded state. But multiple births and aging can weaken the vaginal muscles, creating the looseness you complain of.

    There are several ways to re-tone your vaginal muscles. The easiest is to do Kegel exercises several times a day. They’re easy, you just contract the muscles you use to interrupt urine flow or squeeze out the last few drops. Do several sets of 10 squeezes several times a day. Over a few months, you should notice the benefit. In addition, you should also notice more pleasurable orgasms because these same muscles contract during orgasm and as they grow stronger, so do orgasms. For more, read the article on Kegels.

    You might also play with Ben-wa balls. Sold by sex toy marketers, ben-wa balls are inserted into the vagina. The object is to keep them in there. Initially, they fall out, but as you do Kegels and strengthen your vaginal muscles, you can hold them in longer. To purchase ben-wa balls, visit Adam & Eve.

    Finally, a physician can prescribe vaginal cones, which are similar to ben-wa balls. Or a physician can order electric vaginal stimulation, which uses a small probe inserted into the vagina and a mild current that passively contract the muscles, strengthening them.

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