I am 43 and haven’t had sex in 4 years. My husband thinks I cheated because vagina is loose. Why would it be?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Within an hour or so after intercourse, the vagina returns to normal, including normal tightness. Your husband is misinformed.

    The main causes of vaginal looseness include: (1) serial births, and (2) loss of vaginal muscle tone because of aging and/or lack of sex.

    You didn’t mention if you have children. The vagina usually returns to normal after one vaginal delivery, but if you’ve had several children, it might not.

    Meanwhile, as women age, the vaginal musculature and the connective tissues that holds them in place tend to relax (sag), which can cause looseness. At 43, you’re not “old,” but you’re getting older, so aging may play a role in your situation.

    You mentioned that you haven’t had sex in four years. How many orgasms have you had during that period? Orgasm helps tone the vaginal musculature and maintain the feeling of tightness. If you haven’t had many orgasms in the past four years, that’s another reason you may be sagging.

    For more on vaginal looseness, read The Plan Truth About Vaginal Tightness and Looseness on it. To re-tighten, read the article on Kegel exercises and practice them daily.

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