woman in bed holding vibrator

I’ve heard that vibrators, if you use them a long time, can make my clitoris less sensitive. Any truth to this?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    No. Sexual stimulation cannot “use up” the clitoris. The organ remains sexually sensitive and arousable even with frequent stimulation. Plenty of women use vibrators daily and don’t experience any fall-off in clitoral sensitivity.

    However, after obtaining a first vibrator, some women become so enchanted with the stimulation that they overdo it. They use their vibrator to masturbate so frequently that they wind up making more demands of their bodies than they can comfortably tolerate. In such cases, orgasms may not be as strong, or the clitoris might become uncomfortably sensitive to touch. If that’s the case, moderate your vibrator use a bit, and things should return to normal fairly quickly.

    It’s also possible that the clitoris may rebel against holding a vibrator on it for prolonged periods. Discomfort (pain, numbness) is possible. Again, back off on the intensity of stimulation and the frequency of your vibrator use, and things should return to normal soon.

    For more on this, read the article Vibrators: Myths vs. Truth.

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