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Do you have any suggestions for vibrator use in an elderly couple—I’m late 60’s, he’s early 70’s?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I have three suggestions. First, figure out the type of vibrator that best suits your needs. Read The Best Vibrator for You.

    Second, vibrators and other sex toy are most comfortable to use and feel most erotically exciting when used in combination with a sexual lubricant (Astroglide, Probe, etc.). This is especially true for post-menopausal women. Without a commercial lubricant, many older women find vibrators uncomfortable. For more information, read Lubricants: The Slippery Secret of Great Sex, Especially After 40.

    Third, compared with the fingers and tongue, vibrators deliver sensations that feel more intense. This is especially true for plug-in models like the Hitachi Magic Wand, but it’s also true for battery-powered vibes. As a result, men should NOT simply press a vibrator against the woman’s vulva or insert it into her vagina. That can feel too intense. Instead, the woman should begin by using the vibe by herself, exploring its possibilities, and learning how she enjoys using it. Then she can use it on herself in the man’s presence, showing him what feels best to her. Some women prefer to use vibrators on themselves, while others enjoy allowing the man to use it on them. There’s no right or wrong here, just what feels most comfortable and erotic. If you want him to use it on you, show him how and coach him until you’re confident that he understands what feels most erotic for you.

    Then make your vibe last by caring for it properly. Read Caring for Vibrators and Making The Last.

  • philip- says:

    My wife has a minimum of 3 orgasms per sex session using a vibrator. She’s 60 years old. philip and marilyn, Australia

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