Young couple hugging while lying in bed in the morning

The position: Female on top of male, full body contact, face to face, penis inside her. He is stationary on his back facing up, she is facing down, she slides back and forth causing penetration and withdrawal.

My girlfriend does this. It gives her intense clitoral stimulation.

She starts off slowly with deliberate movements but ends in surprisingly very vigorous and rapid back-and-forth movements.

I don’t know what this is correctly called or the right term for it.

Is this a popular or common position and sexual movement or motion? I’ve never really heard anyone discuss it.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    It’s a variation on woman-on-top. Instead of the woman kneeling straddling the man’s hips, she lies down on his chest. I know of no official name for this variation. You might simply call it your personal take on woman-on-top. Enjoy!

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