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Mention light BDSM (bondage, discipline, and sado-masochism), and the erotic enhancements that usually come to mind include: spanking, wrist and ankle cuffs, restraints, nipple clamps, and floggers. Unfortunately, blindfolds often get left off the list. That’s a shame because couples interested in exploring light, loving, sexually supercharged role-playing often find that blindfolds are a wonderfully erotic enhancement—especially when worn by the woman.

Men Love to See, Women Love to Feel

Sexologists agree that most men get turned on visually. It’s no coincidence that the vast majority of lingerie is made for women. Men love to see their lovers in sexy outfits. It’s also no coincidence that most erotic photography and pornography focuses on naked women. Men love to look at it.

Women certainly appreciate the erotic power of sight. But sexologists agree that most women are turned on more by touch than by what they see. Women love the feel of sexy outfits. They enjoy whole-body massage, bubble baths, warm fuzzy robes, and kissing and cuddling.

Deprive a man of sight with a blindfold, and it often interferes with his arousal because he can’t see his beautiful lover’s face, breasts, butt, and vulva. But use a blindfold on a woman, and her enjoyment of lovemaking often increases. Deprived of sight, she can often feel loving touch more deeply.

This is not to say that men can’t enjoy being blindfolded. Many do. But for men, it’s often an acquired taste. For those who enjoy being blindfolded, playing with sight deprivation can open a door to a new level of erotic enjoyment and satisfaction.

Erotic Blindfold Play—Without BDSM

Blindfolds are considered BDSM toys, but you don’t have to be into restraint or power play to enjoy them. Just slip one on your lover—with permission, of course—and let the fun begin.

Deprived of sight, the other senses become immediately heightened. Scented candles smell more fragrant. Music sounds more intense. And the taste buds perk up when the blindfolded person’s lover feeds her—or him—tasty little treats.

But the sense that becomes most aroused by blindfolding is touch. Deprived of sight, every touch, from feathery strokes to firm pressure takes on an added dimension of erotic delight. Without sight, distractions disappear and allow blindfolded individuals to concentrate on the subtleties of sensation transmitted through their skin.

Try combining blindfold play with slow, sensual, whole-body massage. Use a massage lotion. Our sex toy affiliate,, offers several.

In addition, consider experimenting with massage toys. If you’re unsure how to give a good massage, relax. With massage toys—anything that vibrates—you don’t have to be trained in massage. All you have to do is run them around the recipient’s body, from head to toe. MyPleasure offers dozens of massage toys.

And don’t forget the imagination. It’s often easier to slip into vivid erotic fantasies when you can’t see. Perhaps the blindfolded person harbors secret (or not-so-secret) fantasies of sex in naughty places. While blindfolded, it’s easier to imagine that you’re enjoying pleasures you’d never actually feel comfortable pursuing in real life.

Blindfolds and BDSM

Blindfolds add to the intensity of BDSM by making the submissive (bottom) all the more dependent on the dominant (top). For the sub to move around, the dom must lead. Blindfolds also provide an excellent opportunity for nurturing because a loving dom keeps his (or her) sub safe from harm, and the risk of harm—bumping into things, falling down stairs, etc.—rises when the sub cannot see.

For subs who feel nervous about being restrained, spanked, or flogged, blindfold play incorporates all the exciting elements of power-exchange role-playing—without the intense sensations of heavier BDSM. In fact, blindfold play can be a safe, sensual introduction to BDSM.

Portable, Discreet, and Inexpensive

One major advantage of blindfolds is that they attract no attention. Leave a vibrator or restraints on your night table, and children, friends, or family may see them and ask questions you’d rather not answer. But it’s easy to say that a blindfold is simply a “night mask” that helps you sleep.

In addition, blindfolds take up almost no space and are easily portable. Vibrators and BDSM toys can take up considerable space in luggage—and if you travel abroad, do you want customs agents finding them? Blindfolds travel easily and allow you to have a little bit of sexy spice wherever you go.

Finally, compared with many other sex toys, blindfolds are inexpensive. Adam & Eve offers a wide selection.

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