Kegel Exercises: More Pleasurable Orgasms

In 1948, urologist Arnold Kegel, M.D., (Kay-gell) was treating women with stress incontinence, urine leakage triggered by coughing, sneezing, or laughing. He reasoned that his patients had weak urinary sphincter muscles, which could not stay closed under the abdominal pressure caused by these actions. The urinary sphincter muscles are part of the pelvic floor muscle group, the ones that run between the legs. Kegel theorized that strengthening the pelvic floor muscles might help women keep their urinary sphincters closed and cure stress incontinence.

The exercises Kegel developed to condition the pelvic floor muscles worked. Many studies show that Kegel exercises improve bladder control significantly, often completely curing stress incontinence.

But Kegel’s patients also confided that the exercises provided an unexpected benefit—more intense, more pleasurable orgasms. The reason: The pelvic floor muscles, notably the pubococcygeus (pew-boh-coxy-GEE-us, or PC), are also the muscles that contract during orgasm. As the pelvic floor muscles becomes stronger, so do orgasms—in men as well as women.

Identify Your PC

To do Kegels, first you must identify your PC. It’s the muscle you contract to interrupt urinating, or to squeeze out the last few drops. Try stopping your stream a few times to identify your PC. PC contractions also cause a tightening around the anus.

Slow Kegels, Quick Kegels

Once you’ve identified your PC, sex therapists recommend doing both slow and quick Kegels. For slow Kegels, flex your PC and hold it contracted for a slow count of three, then relax. For quick Kegels, contract and relax your PC as rapidly as you can, then relax.

Begin by doing five slow contractions and five quick ones three times a day. Each week, increase the number of contractions by five (i.e. to 10, 15, etc.) until you’re up to 50 slow and fast three times a day, for a total of 300 contractions a day. Do not increase the number of contractions more quickly than recommended, or you may suffer soreness between the legs.

Practice Kegels Any Time, Anywhere

Kegels can be practiced almost anywhere. No one but you knows you’re doing them. You might do Kegels while showering or driving or talking on the phone. Find a time that works for you.

Typically, it takes a month or two of daily Kegel exercises to notice orgasm enhancement.

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