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How prevalent is this practice among married couples?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    “Facesitting” involves the man lying on his back and the woman squatting or kneeling over this head and dropping her vulva down to his mouth for cunnilingus. I know of no studies on its prevalence. But here are recent research findings on the prevalence of oral sex in general:

    • By age twenty-five almost 90 percent of men and women have experienced fellatio and cunnilingus at least once.

    • Oral sex remains fairly prevalent throughout the lifespan. But it’s far from universal. During the past month, averaging all age groups, only 27 percent of respondents said they’ve participated in fellatio, 22 percent in cunnilingus.

    • In almost every age group, men say they’ve received more oral than they’ve provided and women say they’ve provided more than they’ve received. This is a major reason why women’s rate of orgasm is considerably lower than men’s.

    So only around one-quarter of couples practice cunnilingus regularly, and only an unknown fraction of them facesit. But facesitting is fine. For many couples, it’s preferable to typical cunnilingus with the woman on her back because it’s easier on the man’s neck. I would also venture to say that facesitting improves with age as more men have aches and pains that may make traditional cunnilingus less comfortable. So if you’re into facesitting, carry on and enjoy it. If not, you’re under no obligation to participate in it, but if a woman wants it, why not?

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