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I really enjoy eating my lover’s vagina, but how can I arouse her even more? I mean how can I give her an orgasm by sucking and licking her clitoris? I ask her if she likes me licking her clit, and she says yes, but I want her now to beg for it. How can I do that?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    If you want to improve your skill at cunnilingus, I suggest reading my article on oral sex techniques.

    Now about begging for it: Some women may beg spontaneously for one sexual move or another. Others are not naturally inclined to do this, but if a lover finds begging arousing and asks them to play at “begging,” they’re happy to play along. And some women just don’t care to beg for things like cunnilingus.

    So her begging may have more to do with her erotic inclinations than with your tongue skills. If she doesn’t beg for cunnilingus naturally, tell her it would turn you on and ask how she’d feel about giving you that erotic gift. If she’s fine with playing that way, great, you get what you want. But if she doesn’t care to play that way, she still may enjoy being licked, but rather not beg. My advice: Respect her wishes.

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