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Sir, I am male, 26 years old. Recently I have read a lot about hymen. But I found only what is hymen, types of hymen, how does it tear and hymen surgery. But I did not find the role of hymen in sexual intercourse. Having sex with hymen gives extra satisfaction for men? when does it tear, immediately after entering penis or during sexual intercourse or after intercourse? and does after rupture of hymen make feeling of less tight for men. and finally is there any different between having sex with having hymen and without having hymen for men?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Most men don’t notice the presence or absence of a hymen unless it’s “imperforate,” meaning so thick that the erection cannot enter the vagina. If the hymen is not imperforate, but covers a good deal of the vaginal opening, then men might notice something, but it’s women who notice this the most because any tissue tearing may cause pain. Hymenal tissue has little or nothing to do with perception of vaginal tightness or looseness. For more on this and many other topics, read my book, Sizzling Sex.

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