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Do kegels make erections harder? Do they help premature ejaculation? Increase libido? Halt prostate swelling? Maintain erection after ejaculation? Is it worth doing kegels? Thanks.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    In 1948, urologist Arnold Kegel, M.D., (Kay-gell) was treating women with stress incontinence, urine leakage triggered by coughing, sneezing, or laughing. He reasoned that his patients had weak urinary sphincter muscles, which could not stay closed under the abdominal pressure caused by coughing etc. The urinary sphincter muscles are part of the pelvic floor muscle group, the ones that run between the legs. Kegel theorized that strengthening the pelvic floor muscles might help women keep their urinary sphincters closed and cure stress incontinence. Kegel’s exercises worked—and also had an unexpected side benefit, more intense, more pleasurable orgasms for both women and men.

    You ask if kegels are worth doing. If you’d like more pleasure from orgasm, the answer is YES.

    But kegels don’t make erections firmer, or help premature ejaculation, or increase libido, or stop prostate enlargement, or keep penises firm after ejaculation. What they do is enhance the intensity and pleasure of orgasm.

    For more on kegels and how to do them, read the article in the Info Library.

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