unhappy middle aged asian couple

My boyfriend of almost 3 years has recently been lying to me. I feel he is cheating. At the current moment, I’m having an increase in my want for sex. I’m afraid to do anything with him. Am I in the right or do I put aside my fears and doubts and give in?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    When people feel that their relationships are threatened, it’s not unusual for them to experience a surge in libido. Sex usually brings couples together, and if things may be falling apart, more libido and more sex may help right the ship. That may be why you want more sex lately.

    You say he’s lying and cheating. I have no way to know if that’s true. But no matter whether he is or isn’t, it’s clear that you feel troubled. I urge you to discuss your concerns with your boyfriend. If those discussions feel unproductive, then I’d urge you to seek couple counseling, ideally together, but if he refuses to go, then I’d suggest you go yourself. Good luck resolving things.

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