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Hi, Michael. I’m currently having some real deep self-esteem problems because of my penis size and body image. I’m 19 years old and a tall skinny guy, but I don’t feel I live up to the expectations of today’s society. I’m addicted to porn and I see all these men with huge penises giving women tons of orgasms and feel I would never be capable to do it. So I go online and try to find evidence to not care about this and I find women who feel like the ideal penis size is 7 inches long, or that girth is really important to them. Women who seem to care a lot if a guy has big muscles and all. And I feel really miserable, inadequate. I just wanted to know that I’m capable of satisfying the woman I’m with, that the size of my junk doesn’t make any difference at all. I just want to have a healthy sex life, but feel It’s impossible. Women seem so demanding nowadays. My heart is really broken because of all of this. So, could you give me an idea of what it means to be a good lover? Thank you.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You’re fine. Your penis is fine. Porn is fantasy, not reality. And you CAN be a good lover.

    When I was 19, I felt pretty much the way you described. It’s not easy becoming a happily sexual adult. But you CAN do it.

    The Internet is filled not only with porn, but with lots of contradictory information about sex. That’s why I launched my site, to be a place where visitors can find truthful information backed by research and the results of more than 60 years of sex therapy.

    About penis size: Most men don’t care much about the breast size of the women they get involved with. But a small proportion of men do. Similarly, most women don’t care about penis length or girth, but a small proportion do—15 percent. That’s one woman in eight. So chances are seven out of eight that women you’re interested in will feel fine about your penis. For more on this, you can read my low-cost article, How Women Really Feel About Penis Size.

    You want to be bigger? Please don’t fall for all the crap on the Internet about penis enlargement. All the pills, potions, and exercises are cynical frauds and the charlatans who sell them should go to prison. But there are safe, effective ways to be all you can be. For more on this, read my low-cost article on Penis Size. Ironically,one of the most effective ways to have the largest penis possible is to stop worrying about your size. The article explains.

    About porn: Most porn “addicts” are simply men with sexual urges who enjoy masturbating but get bored with their own fantasies. It’s fine to fantasize sexually. In fantasy, everything is permitted and nothing is wrong. But it’s critical that young men understand the difference between porn sex and real sex. For more on this, read my low-cost article, The Real Problem with Porn: It’s Bad for Sex.

    Finally, I bet you’d benefit from resources that explain how exactly to be a great lover, how women experience sex, and how to negotiate a sexual relationship. My low-cost e-book contains all the articles I just mentioned plus 130 more on all aspects of sex. I suggest that you read it. I bet it answers most of your questions and concerns. And I offer a money-back guarantee.

    You’re by no means alone. Most men your age have similar questions. And most older men can recall feeling as you do. But rest assured, you CAN become happily sexual with a woman who feels fine about your body. Have faith in yourself, and get the information you need.

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