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I am 17, a few months from 18. I started experiencing adolescence at 12—pubic hair, deepening voice, etc.. After that I started masturbating and still do it coz it feels good and enjoyable. But my penis remains small. What hurts me is that guys of my age in our high school dormitory have bigger and long penises. I just feel heart broken when i see them having that big dick. Are there natural or artificial ways  for me to increase the size of my dick?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    No pills, potions, masturbation programs, or anything else can permanently enlarge your penis. BUT, you CAN make the most of what you’ve got. Just read my article on penis size. I also urge you to read the article on what women really think of penis size. Turns out that very few women care much about it, only 15 percent.

    The vast majority of penises are around the same size. There are two reasons those other guys’ dicks look larger than yours. (1) You’re anxious about your size, and anxiety shrinks the penis (read more in the size article). (2) You look DOWN on your own, but ACROSS at others, which makes yours look smaller.

    Read the two articles, and if you have any more questions, please contact me again.

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