I’m 48. The last several times, a few days after sex, I get this burning sensation in my vagina. My boyfriend, 50, has a history of herpes, so we use condoms. Do you think I could be allergic to latex? It doesn’t feel like a bladder infection, but I’m concerned about that, too.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    It’s possible that you’re allergic to latex, but latex reactions typically occur faster than the experience you describe, like shortly after sex, not a few days later. To figure this out, I suggest that you play with non-intercourse sex for a while, handjobs and oral but no intercourse, no condoms. If that eliminates your symptoms, then you can reasonably infer a latex allergy.

    But from your description, I doubt that you’re allergic to latex. More likely, you guys are having sex in ways that irritate your vagina. Quite often the issue for women over 40 is a lack of lubrication. Do you use a lubricant? I urge you to use lube every time. If you already do, I suggest that you experiment with different brands and try vegetable oil, too. For more on lubricants, read the article, The Slippery Secret of Sensational Sex.

    I think it’s unlikely that sex is giving you bladder infections. Your symptoms don’t match UTI symptoms. But you’re right to be concerned. To reduce your risk of bladder infection, I suggest that you urinate before sex and after, drink cranberry juice, and read the article Sex and Urinary Tract Infection.

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