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My wife has expressed a desire for a larger penis. She says she wants to feel more full. I am only 5 inches. She has a larger vulva. It was large before she gave birth and after was larger. Her body is beautiful. I’m just not a good match for her physically with my penis. (everything else I am. Mind. Hands. Fingers. Lips. Tongue.) Just not the penis. I’ve known this for 20 years but now she brought it up. Are penis sleeves a good idea for me? I am having a hard time feeling less than and not enough already. Will wearing one of these for her mess with my mind even more?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You have two options. A dildo. Or a prosthetic penis.

    Dildos are penis-shaped sex toys usually made of flexible latex, either realistic or more abstract cylinders, and usually much larger than the vast majority of men. Women use them to massage their clitorises and insert into all three erotic openings. Men may also use them on women—ask for coaching. BTW: Dildos are the oldest sex toy, invented by the ancient Greeks.

    Now imagine a jumbo realistic dildo with the base end hollowed out so a real penis can slip inside. The man holds it on, or some attach with adhesive. Presto, you’re larger. You called that a penis sleeve. The more widely used term is prosthetic penis. Penis sleeves are a men’s self-sexing toy, artificial mouths, vulva/vaginas, or anuses.

    I hope you know your wife is in the minority. It’s fine for her to have her preferences, but a huge study out of Cal State LA showed that 85 percent of women think their men are just fine. Some women want smaller—2 percent. Leaving 13 percent who would like more. Fortunately, for that 13 percent of women and their lovers, toys offer delightful possibilities. Enjoy.

    I wish you great sex.

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