Alcohol with sex. Is it healthy ?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Alcohol has complex effects on health and sex that depend on the dose. Sexually, the first drink is disinhibiting, so drinkers are more likely to invite prospective partners to bed, and the partners are more likely to accept the invitation. But after a drink or two, alcohol becomes a central nervous system depressant that impairs men’s erections and women’s ability to respond sexually. In fact, drinking to excess is probably the world’s number 1 drug-caused sex-killer. For more on this, read the article on Aphrodisiacs.

    As far as health is concerned, one drink a day is better for health than abstaining or drinking more than one drink. A little bit of alcohol is good for heart function and many studies show that it reduces risk of heart attack and stroke. BUT, you have to stop at one, or for big folks, two.

    Of course, alcohol is an integral part of many people’s daily lives and lovemaking. If you drink responsibly, it can enhance both sex and health. But drinking to excess ruins both sex and health.

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