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What percentage of women enjoy performing fellatio? If they do enjoy it, what are the common reasons?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    The research on oral sex focuses on the doing of it, not enjoyment. Here’s some of that info:

    • By age twenty-five almost 90 percent of men and women have experienced fellatio and cunnilingus at least once.
    • Oral sex remains fairly prevalent throughout the lifespan. But it’s far from universal. During the past month, averaging all age groups, only 27 percent of respondents said they’ve participated in fellatio, 22 percent in cunnilingus.
    • In almost every age group, men say they’ve received more oral than they’ve provided and women say they’ve provided more than they’ve received. This is a major reason why women’s rate of orgasm is considerably lower than men’s.

    Many people enjoy providing oral sex. Reasons include:
    • Pleasure. Most people love getting head, so providers know they’re giving pleasure.
    • Intimacy. Putting your face in someone’s crotch often deepens the emotional intimacy of relationships.
    • Adventure. Compared with vaginal intercourse, oral sex is a bit more adventurous, so it has elements of forbidden fruit that many people find attractive.

    If you’re getting as much oral as you want, thank your lover for pleasing you. If not, ask for fellatio. But remember, no one is under any obligation to be sexual in ways that make them uncomfortable. If your partner objects to sucking you, here’s a close approximation that may suffice: Your partner places a few drops of sexual lubricant on her hand, then goes down there, and with face close to your penis, gives you a very well lubricated hand job. That feels very close to fellatio.

    I wish you sizzling sex for life.

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