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Sir, I have masturbated every two days for the past 2 years. As a result, my right testicle has shrunk and looks out of shape. And my penis length has been reduced from 6 inches to 4.6 . Is there any treatment that can return my testicles and penis to what they were? Sir, I am depressed about my changes. Please HELP me. I have developed an inferiority complex. I can’t concentrate on my studies and no longer  participate in sports. I BEG you, please help me. Reply as soon as possible.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You blame your testicular changes on masturbation every other day for two years. You are mistaken. Masturbation doesn’t change the shape, size, or function of the testicles and penis. Plenty of men masturbate more frequently than every other day for a lot longer than two years and notice no genital changes.

    But if masturbation is not the cause of your testicular and penis changes, what is? As far as your testicles are concerned, I don’t know. I urge you to see a doctor and get your testicles examined.

    About your penis shrinking, I can’t be certain because you haven’t supplied very much information. However, consider this. Whether flaccid or erect, the size of the penis depends on the amount of blood that flows through it. When men are under stress, the body reacts by constricting the arteries, including those that carry blood into the penis. Constricted arteries can’t carry as much blood. So I’m guessing it’s not your masturbation that’s shrunken your penis. It’s all your emotional distress about your testicular and penis changes. To return your penis to its previous size, I urge you to (1) stop worrying about your size, (2) and engage in activities that are deeply relaxing, for example, meditation and physical activity, maybe by returning to the sports you quit.

    For more on penis size, read my article. For your testicular problem, see a doctor soon.

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