Hi. I’m a 31-year-old a brain cancer survivor with early peri-menopause. My vagina is really dry before, during, and after sex. My sex partner sometimes forgets the KY Jelly, which is crucial for my comfort. I was wondering if 100% coconut oil can be used as a replacement for KY?

I’m 59, with Type-2 diabetes, and believe I have erectile dysfunction as I rarely get erections. I  wake with a soft semi-erection but do not become firm. My blood sugars in the morning are between 6-8 I’m on 4 x 500 metformin 1 x gliclizide 1x dapaglifozin 20 units of lantus insulin before bed. I don’t get sexually aroused with lack of feeling or limited blood flow to my genitals. What can I do pls?

Why does my boyfriend prefer to watch porn and take care of himself rather then have sex with me?

I have used a phone app to track my premature ejaculation progress using stop-start masturbation and I have managed to last up to 10 minutes. However, when I occasionally watch porn or I am having intercourse with my girlfriend, I find myself ejaculating before I want to. Can you suggest any techniques to tackle this?

I am 14 years old. I accidentally discovered when I was three that playing with my vulva feels good. But my mom saw me playing with it once when I was four and she seemed horrified at what I was doing and told me it was bad and that I needed to stop.

When I was six, she caught me again. To get me to stop, she started checking to see where my hands were several times throughout the night, If she couldn’t see them from the outside of my blanket, she would peek underneath my blanket to see what they were doing.

One of my twin sisters who are two years younger than me, also got caught a few times masturbating after she turned five, leading to the same type of motherly checkups after bed time.

When I was eleven, and my 2 sisters nine, our parents one evening talked to the three of us. They asked if we knew what masturbation was. None of us were familiar with the term. They told us that it’s a secret habit that a lot of people start doing at our age. And that most people who start doing this secret habit usually do it in their bedroom, or in the bathroom.

Yikes, I started to feel uncomfortable, was my secret playing with my vulva this masturbation thing they were talking about?

Then they said we shouldn’t do it. The rationale they gave was that this secret habit will cause you to become a slave to it.

So the message was if we have never masturbated, don’t start, and that if we do and have already began masturbating but were just too shy to admit that during this meeting, stop, and stop quickly before a bad habit starts.

I quickly dismissed and forgot all about what was said at that meeting. I figured, how can something that is just done in secret every once in a while that feels so good be this bad? Even if it becomes an addiction, I figured it isn’t like a street drug or something. I didn’t think so anyway.

But now one of my twelve year old sisters told me in secret today that she masturbates 2 to 3 times a day and that she is worried that she is now a slave to it, like what our parents talked about a few years ago. And me, for the last couple of years, I do it at least 3 times a day also, many times I have done it five or six times a day also. I didn’t want to tell that to my sister though. But now she is definately worried that she has become a slave to masturbation, and while I am not as worried as she is, I am definitely wondering if that is what we are both becoming.

And I was wondering if there is any way to stop. I have tried many times to quit. When I was younger than ten, I could quit for up to a week. But now when I try to quit, I can’t go longer than 36 hours, and it’s also uncomfortable to even try.

We’re in our late teens. My boyfriend always ejaculates after masturbating but he tells me he doesn’t orgasm. We’ve been together 2 years and he’s said he’s only orgasmed like 4 times. Is he orgasming and not knowing it? Or is something else going on?

I have given in to my husband watching porn and am ok watching with him. Now it takes porn to get him excited even when I get naked and play with myself for him. Did I do wrong by trying to accept his porn addiction?

I just got through reading some of your work about erection issues. Good for you for sharing that information. I just turned 67 and continue to use Cialis. I take a 5mg daily. Without it, intercourse is a huge stinking disappointment. But if I take 25 mg at one time, my boner seems to come in the middle of the night when my partner is still sleeping. Our pleasure seems to come from licking and sucking. I work out most days—hike, bike, golf, you name it, I do it. My wife is my age and is fine with our sex program. I smoke at night and consume a few more drinks than I need, but nothing during the day and so does she. I know I am at a disadvantage from smoking and drinking, but my life is good. So what about the pills? What about the natural products on the market?

Is my wife bisexual? How can I reduce my anxiety about her wanting to have sex with other women?

What exactly is virginity? Has any test been developed to show if someone is or isn’t? What about the hymen? How does it connect to virginity?